Pottinger 22 Digital Solutions

About “White Feather” by Ren Zhe

As a warrior, “White Feather” depicts the Tang Dynasty (618-907) poem by Lu Lun, entitled Under a Border Fortress.  “finds the white feather at the end of the arrow with the rest embedded in the stone in the morning”.

It symbolises the hope and confidence the figure feels for the future,  brave and able to face every challenge.

Ceekayello’s Digital Solution Proposal

To celebrate the “White Feather”, riding on the softness of its feathery tip, we invite visitors to immerse into a digital installation that translate the smoke and wind ascend from the work (峰火雲煙) to Pottinger 22.

  • Client Boundless Art
  • Services: Digital design and production, LED wall production and installation
  • Collaborative Artist Ren Zhe