CMA 85th Anniversary Lunch Reception

A neon-inspired runway concept event

What are the components to allow an aircraft taking off to reach to our ideal destination? The right parts and gears are important details that deliver us safe and soundly to our targeted destinations.

By having the right talents in each position, they are the essential parts and gears that allow each business to take off. With the support of CMA as a concrete foundation and runway for its members, it gets its planes (and members) taking off smoothly and further to seize new opportunities.

Our design for the lunch reception values the details and parts of a flight journey.

“It’s not how far you have come, it’s how far you will go.”

Our designs are tailored to different locations: the corridor, foyer, ballroom, and identity respective mood and functions to each locations.

Corridor: Runway

With our dashing neon-inspired runway streched from the corridor that leading to a view to the airport terminal in the foyer, the runway markings increase visibility and decrease runway violations, similar to how CMA guides its members to the right track to success.

Foyer: Photo backdrop
Theme: Destination board at the Terminal

With a destination board distinguishes different targets, CMA members identify their ambitions and proceed to their ideal goals with a clear mindset and plan.

Theme: Boarding Time

Members are invited to “board” the CMA 85 aircraft on our runway at the foyer.

Based on our previous experience in wrapping a vintage HK taxi with LED neon light, guests were delighted to take images in front of a backdrop, interacting with the object.

The standalone props provide added a playful element to the standalone props, allowing guests to take photos through the aircraft windows.

The directory board also directs guests to different areas around the event location.

Stage decorations
Theme:  Taxi lights

Taxi lights are the lights that safely guides each aircraft to fly out.
They symbolise the safe and sound global achievement the industry accomplished.

During the robot show, the LED light on the taxi light could also be programmed to change colour accordingly.

More than a visual aspect, the multipurpose-designed taxi lights complimenting the taxi lights on the runway, it also functions as a dynamic light source as spot lights and providing special effects during performances.

Theme: Engines

An aircraft engine is a component of the propulsion system that generates mechanical power.
It pushes an aircraft forward, like a vision that drives businesses forward and take flight from the “Peal of the Orient” to greater heights for more opportunities.

The officiating will be triggered by guests moving the fan of the engine, symbolising quick sales (貨如輪轉) for CMA and its member’s enterprises.

Theme: Map

Inspired by the world map and with the CMA logo as the location pointer, CMA directs its members to expand their businesses around every corner of the world.

LED walls

The sky fuels CMA to connect its members to the world. Challenging the industries to move past previous achievements, to be the best they can be.