Interactive LED Display

An interactive installation without the limitation of the number of people/objects involved!

Partnering with FONDGEAR with their P1.56 fine pixels LED display, we have designed an interactive installation that creates conversations without the limitation of the amount of people/objects!

We have often received requests and enquiries on interactive installations for retail or hospitality and events that involve a mass amount of customers and/or guests. There are a lot of solutions… the well-known ones are kinect, heatmap sensors, distance sensors, motion sensors, etc. At ceekayello, we want to do more, we want to design an all-rounded elegant solution for all. Hence, the birth of the installation partnering with FONDGEAR.

Our interactive installation is a real-time animation that is triggered and reflected by the passer-bys’ movements. It provides a visual background ranges from a static painting, to an animated video, to capture the real-time environment. The ambience diffuses from the selected visuals propels a soothing vibe to the beholders, yet attract their attention with the interactive effect that is responding to their movements. Additional information such as weather and time, etc. that would serve the needs of the different types of customers/guests could also be displayed.