High Tech Slow Life

Exhibition on-hold

An exhibition about community and sustainability that promotes Chinachem’s 3P values (people, planet and prosperity) and introduction of Nina Park.

Curatorial Concept

With technological advancement, our tasks can be executed with higher efficiency and productivity. Especially in metropolitan cities, it is so easy to develop impatience in life. However, messages and quality work can only be delivered when time is respected. Real listening needs respect, Ideas need time to digest, jumping to conclusions.

In nature, a tree would take decades to nurture and grow, and centuries to develop into its afterlife form – wood fossil. It is inevitable to steal time whilst expecting life or things to happen.

In fast-paced Hong Kong, seeking a slow life will provide motivation and encouragement through simple reminders on how to stay present and how to be more intentional with one’s time. We grow up, act, think and feel through our interactions with other people, and wellbeing is, at least in part, ‘being well together’.

Community wellbeing means “being well together”.

If we only aggregate individual assessments, we miss the experience of ‘being well together’, as a key part of our lives, and of community. The exception that does capture the interactive aspects of the community is where aggregated individual assessments relate to shared resources, such as the provision of services, the availability of leisure spaces, the sense of belonging and so forth. 

Not only for the Tsuen Wan local community, we are also inviting people in Hong Kong, especially people from different part of the city and CBD, to rethink and rejuvenate Tsuen Wan – when they want to take a break from their fast pace life, come to Nina Park, there is a space of void for them, to strike a balance between work and life and enhance community wellbeing.

Nina Park – one of the most significant values of it is being a place for people to stop, and take a rest, whilst aspiring us with the extensive wood fossil collection.

Intangible cultural heritage is core to understanding community.
Local histories, sustainability or inter-generational relations are as important and related to the statement above in maintaining community wellbeing as well.

In the “High Tech Slow Life” exhibition, we will start the journey with the visitors to understand some of our intangible cultural heritage in Hong Kong, then onto introducing the importance of nature and its aspiration to our community network, leading to Nina Park as a space for community building and wellbeing, and finally to how wood fossil in Nina Park plays an important role in giving us inspiration to the philosophy of life.

1/ Preserved Crafts: Tsuen Wan people and scenery
2/ Uniting Roots : Mycelium network and our community
3/ Nina Park: High Tech Slow Life
4/ Fossil Rocks: Wood fossil

Ranged from international renowned photography work to community co-create artworks with local artists with crafts, interactive neon installation and wool tapestry, “High Tech Slow Life” connect local community and stimulates their understanding about Chinachem’s value and Nina Park.


  • Launch date
    April 2022
  • Location
    Nina Mall 2, Central Market
  • Services
    Curatorial concept, artist liaison, exhibition design, multimedia design, project management, production