CMA 42nd Inauguration Ceremony

How we incorporated new technology in a space themed pandemic event.

We seem to understand the space more than a decade ago with our rocket technology. 

We had China making historic moon landing on its far side in 2019, SpaceX launched Falcon 9 for a re-flighted orbital-class rocket…

Yet, there are still a lot of unknowns in the space to mankind.

Why is mankind curious in space?

The adventurous and curiosities in humans are the engine that leads us to intellectual and technical advancement, in the road of success.

Riding on the importance of curiosity, CeeKayEllo (CKL) designed the significant CMA 42nd inauguration ceremony with various new media and technology, including projection mapping, webAR with image tracking, hologram fan and Tesla coil (unfortunately the last 2 designs couldn’t be realised due to Covid-19. 

This demonstrates CMA in keeping abreast with time, as a pioneer leader in the industry to use new technology in leading its members. 

With the leading of CMA, our journey departs from planet Earth and explores different potentials and opportunities that eventually land CMA members on Planet CMA-42, and achieve success beyond limitations with understanding and development.

“Ground Control to Major Tom…”

Reception and Foyer

Similar to the influential song from David Bowie about an alienated astronaut, Major Tom, CMA serves as a strong ground and provides full support to its members when they are lost, as a fully equipped, organised and constructed control room.


Scientists have just discovered Planet CMA-42, the newly found cosmic star in the 1104-1933 galaxy!

Planet CMA-42 represents the upcoming 3 years in CMA.

It serves as one of the stops or destinations for the CMA members to rely on, equip and recharge, to go on a further journey in their quest for new opportunities.

3D props with projection mapping animations are designed to represent the energy and vision from President Allen Shi to go beyond limit in the following years at CMA.

WebAR Animation through Image Tracking

With the birth of planet CMA-42 from the stage to the palm-size for the guests to view via their phone with webAR, to experience the energy transition and birth of CMA-42, symbolising that each member is a piece to complete the planet and CMA.

We are not alone.

LED Wall Visuals

With the space expedition to more outer-space planets, we would like to illustrate the potentials and possibilities of the other new opportunities that may come across to CMA’s members, and how would they achieve the cosmic level of quality and standard in their products.