Haiijaii @Wonderfruit 2019


The year is 2019 and the time is now. What was once a theory is currently a reality; the ecosystem is broken making the air that we breathe no longer pure. As urbanites, it is our responsibility to rethink the way we live and look back at how the natural world was taken for granted.

“Haiijaii” is an art installation made out of recycled broken neon lights and bamboo woods.
By collaborating the two materials together, they serve as visual stimulations for inspiring cohabitation of both worlds; the city and the forest, nourishing them, nourishing us. The abstract-shaped neon lights will be telling true tales of air pollution from around our planet with data collected from the air quality index; some will pulse steadily like deep meditative breaths and some will flicker like suffocation.

Structurally, Haiijaii embraces the audience in a pocket of space, connecting with others who share not only the same worry but the same breathing space.

Haiijaii invites Wonderfruit Wonderers to lie down under our neon starry sky to take a moment to look up at our reality and to inhale-exhale the air that we share and must help protect.

Project Details

  • Launch date Dec 12 - 16, 2019
  • Client Wonderfruit Festival
  • Collaborative Creatives Adulaya Kim Hoontrakul, Frederic Bussiere, Santipab Somboon