Rosetta Heung

The Night Lights

Watercolour on clay
254mmDia x 254mmH

Growing up in central, I’ve been surrounded by tall and beautifully textured buildings which are highlighted by the bright HK skyline, creating a breathtaking image of the silhouette of buildings.

This abstract piece represents a modern twist to the bright lights of HK and the building silhouettes through the cakes.

Artist Bio

Rosetta is passionate for curating art for intimate events and has a constant sweet-tooth to satisfy. She is also a lover of floral decor in soft pastel and muted hues. Through her position as The Sweet Spot’s Cake Artist, she decided to combine her love for decorating, sweets and flowers into simple, elegant and intricate cakes designs to suit any intimate event.

Whether it’s for cake or just a simple decorative piece to be placed at home, it will be timeless and a special memory to be kept.