Shhh (樹)

Silk threads, varnished acrylic painting on canvas, broken tree branches from Mangkhut, wooden poles, EL wires, neon light
1700mmW x 1400mmH

Shhh () is a set of interactive hand-embroidery installation. It requires two or more viewers to hold their hands and touch the wooden pole on each end, to light up the LED neon strips weaved in the work.

It is a wake up call from the trees and nature asking us to stay quiet and listen to what they have to tell us after the Typhoon Mangkhut.

Shhh () is a reflection of @quiettomymess’s memories of her 2 neighbourhoods, Causeway Bay (Leighton Road) and Fo Tan (Monte Path). One has the everyday routine she passes through everyday for 13 years for school, and another as the entrance to her home. Under her imagination, roads have turned into river and buildings into trees.

After the Typhoon Mangkhut, a lot of places and natural sceneries in Hong Kong have been destroyed, including these 2 roads that hold a dear significant in @quiettomymess’s heart. As a wake-up call from nature, she would like to create an interactive piece that gathers efforts from citizens, with the gesture of hands holding symbolising an effort of working together, to revive our city into a beautiful natural scenery.

The use of neon light in the Chinese character “Tree” written in Clerical script and LED neon light strips for the leaves on the work is @quiettomymess’s attempt to provoke a visual dialogue between tradition and modernity to us. The traditional artisanal craft as a skill (neon light making and embroidery) and medium (neon light and LED neon light) to illustrate the seemingly forgotten “nature” (ancient script and Chinese calligraphy) in our modern society.

Shhh(樹)呈現的是@quiettomymess對兩個熟悉社區銅鑼灣禮頓路及火炭綠怡徑的記憶。前者是她十三年來每日上學必經之路,後者是她家門前的一段路。 在她豐富的想像下,道路變成河流,建築物則成了一株株大樹。

Artist Bio

@quiettomymess started as an online digital art project on Instagram, and has developed into a physical art representation through hand embroidery.

The emerging Hong Kong-based artist has a background of set design and a master degree of Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design has been breaking boundaries in terms of her experimental mediums for every new work she creates, and incorporates Chinese calligraphy within. Ranged from works that involve ribbon, 3D doodling pen, and LED neon light strips with an interactive design, she is currently expanding into large-scale contemporary embroidery installation at the My Light, My Hood group exhibition and her 2019 projects.