Someone Lived Here

Solo Exhibition of Desmond Lo

Interweaving between the realistic and illusionistic world of Desmond Lo, the city scenery seems familiar yet distant. Did someone live here? Have I been here?

Due to the limitation of space in Hong Kong, our living habitat and behaviour have been hugely based on the high-rise buildings geographically and socially. Desmond has been growing with the city within this set up since he was a kid – and he wonders, what would the city be after a few decades? The illusionistic and dystopian city sceneries that Desmond created hence holds a resemblance of the reality.

Organised and curated by ceekayello, take a visual stroll with Desmond to the hidden corners in Hong Kong and his childhood playgrounds through his eyes and hands. More than standard street photography of Hong Kong, the exhibited works are CGI renders of sceneries that are inspired by Blade Runner and other cyberpunk works, to create another sensation of the city. The range of his selected works takes the viewer on a visual journey of Hong Kong with his exploration and idealisation of urban planning with a full spectrum of colourful stimuli.

The exhibition consists of two parts: “Hidden Corners” and “Childhood Memories”. In the first part, we swim through the hidden gems only found through Desmond Lo’s eyes and hands, from his daily stroll, which leads to the projection of his childhood memories in his parallel dystopia.

  • Exhibition Period
    Feb 15 - 28, 2019
  • Venue
    Naked Hub Gallery, Hong Kong