CMA 43rd Inauguration Ceremony

Redefining new technology for a sustainability themed event.

With the theme of Continuity and Sustainability, we had an overarching concept of CMA’s upcoming inauguration ceremony based on the idea of horologe of time.

The event design emphasizes CMA members’ enduring commitment to continuity and sustainability,
showcasing how their dedication stands the test of time.
The circular elements in the whole event convey the perpetual motion of progress and inspire attendees to join in CMA’s journey towards a sustainable and enduring future.

Hologram Fan Installation

The symbolic use of tree rings underscores CMA’s dedication to sustainability and encourages eco-friendly practices among its members.

These interconnected age rings symbolize the close-knit community of CMA, united in pursuing a shared vision and goals. The tree age rings also represent the association’s continuous growth and development, reflecting its resilience in overcoming challenges and adapting to industry changes. Just as trees endure over time, CMA and its members demonstrate enduring strength and determination for a sustainable future.

A series of lined up animated hologram fans vividly symbolize the idea of sustainability and unity within CMA.

As the fans rotate, they conjure a mesmerizing visual of interconnected tree age rings, CMA and new GC signifying their growth and resilience.

The dynamic motion created by the fans reflects the continuous progress and development of CMA and its members over time. Moreover, the gentle breeze generated by the fans serves as a symbolic connection to wind energy, further reinforcing the association’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and renewable energy.

The hologram fans can also be reused for future events.

Photo Backdrop

The photo backdrop has a concept of “Day and Night” harmonizes with “Timeless Momentum” for CMA’s ceremony, signifying perpetual motion of progress and continuity within CMA and its members. The shape is also based on the interlocking circles from the CMA logo.

The sun’s transitions from day to night, forward day after day, creating a lasting impact on CMA member’s industries and community. Day symbolizes progress, growth, and innovation, reflecting CMA’s continuous journey towards a brighter future. Night represents reflection, learning from the past, and preparing for the challenges ahead. The seamless flow of time reflects their enduring dedication to a brighter and prosperous future.

The number “43” was also compiled with upcycled green plastic bottles.