My Light, My Hood

A group art exhibition for a visual ride about Hong Kong streetscapes inspired by neon light

With the support of KONG Art Space and First Initiative Foundation, ceekayello presents “My Light, My Hood“, a group art exhibition for a neon light visual ride about Hong Kong streetscapes.

A car park or garage houses cars as their home, where they rest well to take us on further and better journeys. Similar to how Hong Kong is home to us, where people are nurtured, ideas and things are gathered to take better shapes.

For “My Light, My Hood”, we are inviting artists from different industries to draw in together to ensemble their unique ideas and memories about Hong Kong streetscapes, in collaboration with one of the most prominent and existing neon light master Wong to take us on a ride around Hong Kong at a former car park, KONG Art Space.

From our rich diversity of artists, their uses of mediums are their expressions of identity and memories of a certain streetscape. It is very easy to connect a district to its signature landmark, however, we believe it is more interesting to create artworks based on the street in the neighbourhood of our artist’s home, work, or a place with a particular memory. The neon light will then be added as an accent to their unique works.

Through all these works related to different streets in Hong Kong, we wish to reconstruct and represent the city scenery and lead viewers to a strong and dynamic visual journey.

Price List

Participating artists:
Daniel Kamp (Designer)
Frédéric Bussière (Visual artist)
Felix’s Drawing (Illustrator)
Rehyphenate (Duo Artist Group)
Rosetta Heung (Cake Artisan)
quiettomymess (Hand-embroidery artist)

📅 DEC 3, 2018 – JAN 14, 2019
🕰 10AM – 7PM

  • Launch date
    December 3, 2018 - January 14, 2019
  • Location
    KONG Art Space