Light as Air


An interactive neon art installation that celebrates female empowerment, sustainability and Hong Kong’s local cultural heritage.


Commissioned by La Prairie for Art Basel Hong Kong, CeeKayEllo’s Creative Director and Hong Kong’s sole female neon artist Chankalun created “Light as Air”, a light odyssey to bring clean and pure Swiss air to Hong Kong, aims to raise awareness of the air pollution in the city through the comparison to Switzerland’s pure air.

“The neon light is as light as the air in Montreux.”

Considering an average of 1mm delicate cream layer of the La Prairie White Caviar spreading on your skin, the total weight of neon tubes (62.135kg) has the same thickness of air all over the total surface of Montreux (33.4km2), where La Prairie originated in Switzerland.

“If we join hands and force together as a community,
we can light up a better future.”

The interactivity of “Light as Air” was activated when 2 or more viewers press on the pole of each side, and hold hands together. This action will light up the whole installation brighter, symbolising “If we join hands and force together as a community, we can light up a better future.”

Be it the future of air quality, the environment or even the neon community cos we can’t accomplish anything alone!

We have used TouchDesigner and the human circuit for this interactivity.
It is important to us that the physical action of the viewers would bring out the message of “join hands and force”.

Real-time air quality data and Light movement

The movement of the light is also reacting to the daily air quality at Montreux through weather API. If the movement is slow and soothing, it means that the quality is good. If it’s running quickly and alarming, it means the quality is poor.