Kerry Christmas


A sustainable green light art installation for Kerry Centre.


With upcycled plastic bags and HDPE/PDE plastic bottles to transform into LED tubes of this art installation, they lit up the tree with the wastes we produce, guiding us the “light” (and right) way.

Our mission and goal for this art installation is:

1/ Plastic waste data visualisation
2/ To give second or even third life to used and unwanted wastes
3/ To increase photo opportunities and selfies through a meaningful and empowering installation

Ways to upcycle plastic

We have investigated different ways to recycle and upcycle plastic bags in an artistic and practical way with a high aesthetic.

It is also important for us that the upcycled plastic object could be repurposed with functionality after the dismantling.


  • Client Kerry Properties and Kerry Engagment
  • Date Nov 30 - Dec 27, 2020
  • Venue Kerry Centre
  • Services Sustainability solution, Design, Fabrication