Felix Chan

Dance of the Chinese Unicorn

Varnished lithograph on canvas, neon light
580mmW x 860mmH x 100mmD

Felix grew up in Tsing Yi where his family originated for over 7 generations ago. One of his favourite sights of Tsing Yi is our ancestral hall of the ‘Chan’ clan. Whenever there is a celebratory occasion or any festival, our traditional Chinese unicorn will be brought out to dance.

Felix has always loved the uniqueness of the unicorn as most villages have dragons or lions, we have the unicorn. The Chinese unicorn is a creature of both genders; a hybrid of the dragon, horse and deer; displaying colour and joy. For local villages likes ours, it is a classic symbol of peace and prosperity for the Hakka culture.

The Dance of the Unicorn is a specific image for him as it symbolizes the gathering of families; a colourful occasion to put aside differences and celebrate our common attributes as a community.

Felix的家族於青衣島已經至少生活了七代,而其家族的陳氏祠堂可算是他於島上最喜歡的地方之一。 每逢喜慶節日,村內就會請傳統的麒麟出來舞動。

Artist Bio

Felix is a Hong Kong illustrator who draws caricatures of actors specifically to stage and screen. He is a self taught artist, drawing on his free time as a hobby.

Felix started drawing at a young age, doing fan art to theatre actors after every theatre visit. After much encouragement, started drawing more frequently with a wider range of themes.

Recently, @felixsdrawing has been featured on HK01 and SCMP. His works were shown at Androgy:Nous exhibition in July 2018; Pink Season’s Culturefest and invited as guest speaker to Swire Hotel’s management workshop.

Felix是位專門為舞台和銀幕演員畫漫畫肖像的香港插畫家。 他以畫畫為嗜好,是個自學成才的藝術家。
小時候的Felix已經開始畫畫,每次到劇院觀賞後他都會為戲劇演員作畫。 由於得到不少鼓勵,他開始頻繁地創作,作品主題亦越來越廣泛。
最近, HK01和南華早報亦曾報道@felixsdrawing,其作品亦曾在2018年7月的Androgy:Nous展覽及粉紅天文化週中展出。他本人更獲太古酒店邀請,在管理研討會上作演講嘉賓。