Daniel Kamp

The Place Between

Neon light, copper, brass, stainless steel, found rocks, electronics
380mmW x 32000mmH x 50mmD
520mmW x 1500mmH x 380mmD

The Place Between, is a set of two sculptural lights which together form the culminating piece in the series. Standing apart from the rest of the family of furniture by its inclusion of Neon light, this last piece adds a third and final material to the assemblage.

To Daniel Kamp, neon in the context of Hong Kong City simply represents life. Here the artificial light source is shaped into two frames which each form a space in the objects. Juxtaposing these light spaces, with architectural stainless-steel structures and grounding bedrock, the designer attempts to create a minimalist expression of a tranquil ‘place’ between the contrasting elements of existence in this city.

In a surrounding that can often feel devoid of calm, Kamp paints an optimistic portrait of Hong Kong – a moment of peaceful and simple coherency amidst the contrast.

In his series A Crude Coexistence, Daniel Kamp creates elemental furniture objects by carefully composing natural rocks found around Hong Kong island with geometric metal forms fabricated on the streets of Mong Kok. The titles of the five individual pieces in the collection read together as a poem describing the artist’s year-long process to find peace in Hong Kong City:

Anchoring Transience
A Shelter to Ground
Earth, Industry and Self
A Crude Coexistence
The Place Between

Daniel Kamp來說,霓虹燈在香港代表的就是生活。作品中,兩個由人造光源塑造的框架在物件之間形成空間。 透過並置光線空間、不銹鋼建築結構和地基岩石,設計師意圖以簡約手法在這城市的差異元素之間建造一個寧靜的「地方」。在這個常令人感到躁動的環境,Kamp 為香港描繪了一幅樂觀的景像    在鮮明的對比中,創造出平和及簡單的時刻。

Artist Bio

Daniel Kamp is a New Zealand born, Hong Kong based designer and artist with a diverse practice spanning furniture, objects and interiors. Working across categories and between disciplines the artist’s projects are anchored by a signature sculptural minimalism and by a common expression of intersections between natural materials and industrial processes. Through the medium of design, Kamp searches for balance between nature and modernity.

生於紐西蘭的Daniel Kamp是個以香港作根據地的設計師和藝術家。他涉足的範圍計有傢俬、物品和室內設計,非常廣泛,作品既跨種類亦跨界別。他的作品皆用上天然材料與工業製作過程進行互動,並以他標誌性的雕塑簡約主義手法呈現。